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TBL4Tourism: A Task-Based Approach to Vocational Language Training

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This course has been produced as Project Result 3 of the Erasmus+ funded project “Task-Based Language Learning Toolkit for Tourism: Innovative foreign language teaching methods in VET as support to tourism sector“.

The following self-study course is primarily aimed at teachers and curriculum designers involved in language training in the vocational sector of tourism. However, it has been designed to be adaptable to other vocational training areas that require language proficiency. Although the target language referred to is often English, the principles covered are applicable to other languages too.

The course modules and corresponding sessions can be studied in any order. Completion of the course depends on passing the assessment for each session. Participation in the forum tasks for each session is not obligatory but is encouraged.

Each session consists of:

  • Suggested reading, viewing and/or listening
  • An interactive presentation of the session content, with formative assessment
  • Summative assesment of the session content (the Output task)
  • An optional forum task for peer discussion

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Course Content

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Module 1: What is Task-Based Language Teaching?
Module 2: The Foundations of TBLT Course Design
Module 3: Designing Task-Based Units
Module 4: Task-Based Classroom Practice
Module 5: Examples of tasks for vocational purposes