The e-learning platform of Barcelona co-op SLB

A user’s guide to learn.slb

Getting started couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Browse course descriptions and look at sample content, without creating an account, on the all courses page.
  2. If you want to take one of our courses, click the blue button “Purchase this course” on the course page*
  3. Log in to your account as prompted, or create an account
  4. Complete the secure payment (if applicable) and start studying!

*Please note that some courses are available to members of specific groups only. If you feel you should have access but do not, please get in touch via the contact us form on the home page, specifying which course you want to access and why you think you should have access.

Blended courses may not start immediately. Check the start dates on the main course page before you sign up.

During your course

There are two main types of course: blended, in which you will have contact with a tutor and other students, and which will usually focus on a session per week, made available on certain dates; and online only, where usually you will have all content available and can work through the material at your own pace.

In both cases you will be able to contact a tutor via the blue Contact lesson teacher button at the foot of each lesson.

Blended courses (and some online only) also have a group page and a forum for discussion tasks and queries. You will automatically be added to the group when you join the course and you will be directed to the group and forum pages from within the course. Otherwise, to monitor your groups’ activities, simply visit the My Groups page via the main menu above.

You can also access your profile, edit it, add or change photos, etc., via the My Profile tab.

Course progress and assessment

There are two types of assessment: activities within lessons which are graded by the system; and output tasks which are required to complete some lessons, and are graded either by the system or by a tutor. Not all lessons have output tasks; if they do not, you can complete the lesson simply by clicking the Complete lesson button at the end.

On blended courses you may also be assessed on your contributions to the forum or other group tasks.

Once logged in, visiting the My Courses page will show you your overall progress in %. To see how your grades break down, you can view your results by clicking on the blue View results button (or Course Progress button from within the Course page).

Here your scores are broken down into two sections: Activities, which monitors your scores on in-lesson activities; and Lessons, which shows your overall scores for the output tasks for the lessons. These are end-of-lesson assessments that may not  apply to every course or lesson.

Your scores in Activities may unlock bonus content, so keep an eye on the progress page for the target score you are aiming for!