The e-learning platform of Barcelona co-op SLB

Scroll down to see examples and some commentary on tech-mediated materials for TBLT. These will be explored further in the presentation.

1. Where do I click?

Target task: Report and solve technical problems related to videoconferencing

Notes: Students were a mix of elderly learners and learners with a mental health diagnosis, all of whom needed to take online English classes during the pandemic. The purpose here was to create ‘building block’ tasks (perhaps ‘focused’ tasks) to introduce learners to the key discourse used in reporting problems with Zoom, but to combine this with helping them learn how to use the technology.

Most of these were made with the H5P Find the Hotspot content type where learners locate something on an image. Please excuse the fuzzy photos!

2. Identify the problem

Target task: Report and solve technical problems related to videoconferencing

Notes: Group as described before. In this case the idea was to use the features of the H5P Course Presentation content type to offer multimodal, enhanced and elaborated input.

3. Meet Shawna

Target task: Introduce yourself and your work role

Notes: The group are terminal operators in the port of Barcelona, with a low level of general English but a good understanding of relevant technical terms. The idea here was to use the H5P Interactive Video’ content type to provide rich input with corresponding elaboration and reactive ‘focus on form’.

4. Where’s my child?

Target task: Understand and solve hotel clients’ problems with lost objects

Notes: This model of an H5P Drag and Drop shows the potential of this tool to create interactive comprehension tasks which are more visually interesting than typical comprehension questions. Further applications include labeling parts of a diagram or photograph.

Students should listen first, then drag the objects to the best starting point for finding each one.

5. Chinese for all

Unfortunately, this course mentioned by González-Lloret in the chapter from A Practical Guide is no longer viewable as it is based on the deprecated Flash technology. However, Marta grabbed this bit of video which shows how receptive skills are worked on in the directions tasks.

6. 360º Car workshop

A new addition to the H5P toolset gives users the capacity to create immersive tasks in which learners explore 360º images, either from their device or using a VR headset. This surely has great potential. Take a look at this example, where you can explore a car workshop and perhaps learn some Norwegian!