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“Ask me anything” about TBLT with Roger Gilabert

Roger Gilabert

Roger Gilabert Guerrero is a renowned expert on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), a valued member of the SLB cooperative and a guest tutor on our next online TBLT course beginning in January.

This Friday, December 2nd at 4pm CET, we will be putting your questions about TBLT to Roger. Anyone can submit a question – go to and enter the code #1864146. You can also upvote questions already submitted. Shortly following the session, we will publish the video on this page and you can hear your questions answered.

Meanwhile, subscribers to our TBLT course mailing list will receive a link for the session and can participate directly!

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    More about Roger

    Roger Gilabert is an associate professor and researcher at the University of Barcelona, and part of the prolific Language Acquisition Research Group (GRAL). While conducting a needs analysis for a TBLT course for Catalan journalists, he was supervised by Michael Long and had a key article about this process published in Mike’s (2005) Second Language Needs Analysis. This was the start of a lifelong friendship with Mike which Roger reflects on in an episode of the SLB podcast in Mike’s memory.

    Since then, Roger has published extensively on aspects of TBLT, including articles and chapters on task complexity, gaming for language learning, TBLT for morphologically complex languages, task design, and the effects of input enhancement and TV subtitles on vocabulary acquisition (see here for a comprehensive list of publications). He has been a tutor on the SLB TBLT course since 2019, and is the current vice president of the International Association of TBLT.

    The Recording

    The session was attended by some subscribers to our TBLT course and questions were selected from Slido as well as from the live participants. We hope you find it useful!

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