Read, watch and listen: Task-based assessment

Required reading, viewing and listening

Here is the audio of the interview we did with Glenn Fulcher on TBLT and testing. You can download the mp3 from the Materials tab.

Optional reading & viewing

In addition to the resources on Glenn’s website, some of the references and concepts we talk about in the interview include the following. We stress that all of this is entirely optional; if you are simply curious to see some task-based assessments, skip to the end of this section for links to samples.

Another video worth a look is the following recording of a webinar with John Norris:

Finally, it may be illustrative to look at these examples of task-based assessments: this first is the Occupational English Test which we discuss in the interview; the others are from the GULT (Guidelines for university language testing) page. There is more information if you follow this link.

Session12_Glenn_Fulcher_interview (right-click and save as for the mp3).