Read and watch: The role of the teacher in TBLT

Required reading

You can also consult the materials Neil produced that are referred to in his presentation.

Optional reading and viewing

We make available the following important chapter by Doughty & Williams (1998), referred to by Neil in his presentation, although we apologise that the borders are partly missing in some pages. It’s the only copy we have at the moment!

  • Doughty, C., & Williams, J. (1998). Pedagogical choices in focus on form. In Focus on Form in Classroom Second Language Acquisition (Vol. 3, pp. 197–262). Cambridge University Press.

The following two-part video presentation does a nice summary of the Doughty & Williams chapter:

Finally, also referred to in the presentation is Ingrid Mora-Plaza’s dissertation on teaching pronunciation through tasks. The appendices contain examples of her materials which may be of interest.