On the forum: which TBLT for you?

Forum link: https://learn.slb.coop/groups/tblt-discussion-oct-20/forum/topic/which-tblt-for-you/

For the Output task due at the end of the next session, you need to imagine a context in which TBLT is to be adopted. Now’s the time to choose that context. It could be the one you’re currently working in or any other you’re familiar with, but you’ll need to consider the kind of students and environments the teaching is done in (including online-only or hybrid environments), the experience and training of the teachers, and the version of TBLT that can be implemented.*

*NB: for the Output task, it is acceptable to use a context in which TBLT is being partially implemented, e.g. for one or a handful of courses, rather than on a cross-institution level.

With that in mind, for this session’s forum task, the questions to discuss are:

  • Briefly, which context have you chosen?
  • Which of the versions of TBLT that we have highlighted is most desirable or suitable for this context? (NB ‘desirable’ and ‘suitable’ might not be the same thing, but you decide!)
  • Why do you think this version would fit?
  • What would need to happen to make it work?

Please post answers to the questions by the end of Monday, November 2nd and respond to at least one post with an additional question Wednesday, November 4th. Keep following up, as before, as far as you can!