On the forum: varying the complexity of a PT

Forum thread link: https://learn.slb.coop/groups/tblt-discussion-oct-20/forum/topic/varying-the-complexity-of-a-pedagogic-task/

As we have seen in the reading and presentation for this session (see from 16:44 onwards), pedagogic tasks can be manipulated to make them more or less complex according to a number of variables. This session’s reading and presentations refer to a number of these variables; some are collected below in the following table from Robinson & Gilabert (2007; the first column is particularly relevant):

Thinking again about the target task chosen for the previous forum activities, consider what would make this task more or less difficult to carry out in real life (ideally, this information would be gathered via NA, so you may need to speculate). For a pedagogic version of this task, which variables could be manipulated to represent these variations?

Write a post on the forum by Thursday, February 4th to present your task and the variables that could be manipulated.

Finally, follow up on one post by a fellow participant. Comment on their suggestions, and consider the impact any changes might have on the learners’ accuracy, fluency and/or complexity when performing the task.

As ever, the ideas you develop here can be recycled in the Output task to be completed by the end of the following session.