On the forum: reflect, reject, adapt

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Consider Michael Long’s ‘five positive characteristics’ which he posits as necessary for TBLT to be successful (2015, 371-2), alongside Bygate’s claim that ‘for the theory to translate into practice, research needs to bridge the gap between the research community and the real world of the language teacher and the language programme by making [TBLT’s] full potential VISIBLE’ (2020, 10).

For TBLT to be successfully adopted in your context by local, national and international institutions (i.e. not simply by individual teachers) what do you think needs to happen? Is it the case that institutions need to change and develop to become capable of delivering TBLT? If so, how could they be persuaded to do so?

Or does TBLT need to be adapted to fit the needs of these institutions and their stakeholders? If so, in what ways does it need to be adapted – what can be jettisoned, and what should stay?

This is an open discussion so feel free to respond to contributions as you wish!