On the forum: Investigating a tech-mediated task

Link to forum task

In the previous forum activity, you made a preliminary identification of a target task for a specific group or community of learners. Does this task involve the use of technology? If so, you can refer to the same task here. If not, please select another task for the same group which involves the use of technology at some level.

On the forum, please briefly describe the target task chosen (or link to your previous outline) and:

  1. Comment on the technology to be used
  2. Speculate on learners’ digital literacy in relation to this technology
  3. Speculate on learners’ access to this technology
  4. Sketch out an idea for an instrument you could use during NA to check your hypotheses and gather more information

Please post this on the forum by Thursday December 10th and then await further instructions!

As before, the ideas you generate here can be recycled in the Output task.