On the forum: From target task to pedagogic task(s)

Forum thread link: https://learn.slb.coop/groups/tblt-discussion-oct-20/forum/topic/from-target-task-to-pedagogic-tasks/

For this activity we’d like you to go back to the target task you analysed in the forum thread ‘Anatomy of a target task‘. If you didn’t participate in that thread, you may consider any relevant target task, including everyday tasks you are familiar with.

Write a post with a brief summary of the target task and some notes on what you’d want to include in a pedagogic task or tasks derived from it (or from a target task ‘type’ related to it). You may consider some or all of the following:

  • Steps/Complexity
  • Interaction features (e.g. open/closed, convergent/divergent, one-way/two-way)
  • Discourse features
  • Mode (e.g. online, face-to-face, written, oral, etc.)
  • Technology required

Finally, what do you think would be the main challenge in creating (a) PT(s) from this TT?

Please post by Thursday January 21st, after which we’ll provide further instructions.