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In the forum for this session, we will consider the following example of a communicative task (or sequence of tasks) done in an exam, the Cambridge First (B2) speaking exam:

Choose one to two minutes of this video to analyse (look at previous posts and try to choose a different section from anyone else). Write a post which tells us:

  1. Which section of the video you are referring to;
  2. Which aspects of learner output you, as a teacher, would want to react to if this were not being done under exam conditions (or if the teacher was a ‘partner’ in one of the collaborative activities);
  3. How you would react (i.e. which procedure(s) you would use), and why.

Finally, as teacher intervention is only one way FonF can take place, how could we encourage more peer FonF in speaking activities like these – in other words, if you could change or tweak the exam format to encourage this, what would you do?

Please post by Wednesday March 10th. Then respond to at least one other poster with a comment or question about their approach.