On the forum: reacting to Long’s TBLT

In this session’s forum task, we’d like you to consider Long’s TBLT as a whole, and give your reactions to all or parts of it.

This activity will help with the Output task due at the end of this session, in which you will need to present a proposal for implementing TBLT at your chosen institution. You might want to keep in mind the context you chose in the previous forum task, which you are free to change – take a look at the Output task as you may wish to adapt your idea to this. (However, you are not required to propose the implementation of Long’s full TBLT in your proposal – you can choose one of the other models we have presented, or a variation thereof.)

Thinking about the presentation and your reading, you might choose to comment on one or more of the following:

  • The aspects which appear more or less challenging to implement from a teaching and/or institutional point of view
  • The aspect(s) you would most like to be involved with, and why
  • The aspect(s) you feel you would be less effective contributing to, and who should be involved instead
  • The types of courses you have taught on, run or observed that may be suited to this full-scale approach
  • Which resources (including technologies) you would most need in your chosen context to make this approach viable

Please post by the end of Wednesday November 11th. Also, please respond to at least one other participant to offer advice relating to any concerns they have, and/or ask for advice relating to any expertise they describe.  Do this by the end of Tuesday November 17th.