Reading on Long’s TBLT

The essentials

We’ve included a 2017 blog post by Geoff as it summarises Long’s TBLT in a general way, and has an interesting comment from Long himself. Marta González-Lloret’s chapter is an introduction to technology-mediated TBLT, which is based on Long’s model but focused on tasks performed using technologies. Finally, the chapter from Long’s 2015 book is more concerned with needs analyses, providing an overview which will help prepare us for what’s to come in the next section of the course.

Further reading

This chapter by our special guest Roger Gilabert looks at the NA procedure for the course he will describe in the tutorial:

And a more detailed overview of Long’s TBLT can be had in the chapter we shared with you at the beginning of the course:

  • Long, M. H., Lee, J., & Hillman, K. K. (2019). Task-Based Language Learning. In J. W. Schwieter & A. Benati (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Language Learning (1st ed., pp. 500–526). Cambridge University Press.