On the forum: Anatomy of a target task

On this session’s forum thread, we’re going to look at how we might begin to identify target tasks and investigate them further. One purpose of this activity is to help you prepare for the Output task due at the end of the next session, in which you’ll outline a procedure for conducting an NA.

Considering the context you chose in the previous section’s activities, think of a group for whom a TBLT syllabus is to be implemented. We’d like you to:

  1. Make a preliminary identification of one target task for a group or community of students in your chosen context
  2. Work with another participant to generate questions for domain experts about this task

For the first stage, there are two options:

  • Using the O*NET resource (referred to as ‘DOT’ in Geoff’s presentation), suggest a target task for a group of adult learners with a common vocation/profession of your choice. The task should be one that would likely present challenges to the group in terms of language. Describe the task as far as you can, indicating what else you would need to know to be able to design an effective sequence of pedagogic tasks. For ideas, you might refer to the Target Task Description Document that we shared in the ‘Useful resources’ section of the Background reading activity.


  • The same as above, but with a non-vocational target task for a group of young or adult learners with academic needs, or with a specific leisure interest or ‘survival’ need, e.g. gaming, travel scenarios or medical appointments.

Go to the forum to post a response to one of these options.  Post by the end of Thursday, November 26th.

Instructions for part two of this task will be posted on Friday, November 27th.