Propose TBLT in a school or institution

For this and subsequent Output tasks in the course, we are asking you to imagine that you wish to propose an experimental new TBLT course for a specific group of learners at an institution or school.

Teachers and other staff have been accustomed to following a synthetic syllabus, implemented through coursebooks, but the director of studies has asked you to make a proposal for your course. This can be written or spoken, and should include:

  • An overview of the principle differences between TBLT and the synthetic approach followed so far (specify what this approach has been)
  • The support for TBLT in SLA research (include at least two references)
  • A brief outline of your proposed course
  • The advantages (and potential challenges) for students and teachers
  • The overall process involved in the implementation and how the institution should approach this

Please note that all participants must submit the Output task to continue with the course. On submission, all tasks are automatically awarded full points, although they are “ungraded”. Participants aiming for full certification will have their tasks graded and commented on by a tutor, and points adjusted accordingly.


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