Copy of Produce a needs analysis outline & instrument

For the first Output task of this course, we asked you to imagine that you had been put in charge of implementing an experimental new TBLT course, based on Long’s TBLT, for a specific group of learners at an institution or school.

For that same context, you will now design a NA process for identifying target tasks for a specific group or community of learners, and an instrument to carry out one part of this process. Your NA should include technology if relevant.

This is to be presented in an informative document to a co-teacher who will use the instrument to collect data, and who is a non-expert when it comes to NA.

In a single document, please include:

  • A brief description of the target learners and the purpose on the NA
  • An outline of your NA procedure including steps, sources and methods employed, explained and justified in clear terms
  • The instrument itself, either included in the document or linked to
  • Instructions on who to use the instrument with and how to use it (including, if relevant, how you want the data presented)

You may refer to the Serafini diagram (attached in the materials section) which you can adapt to your design. You can also refer to any other literature on NA, but remember that your audience is non-expert.

Your instrument could be, for example:

  • A set of interview questions
  • A questionnaire
  • A proforma for doing a document analysis
  • A proforma for observing a target task

Results need not be included.

Write around 800 words (information can be included in bulleted or table formats), excluding the instrument, and upload it in MS Word or equivalent format. Any attachments should be included in the form of links to files in the cloud.

From Serafini et al, 2015