Evaluating teaching practice

The structure of this task is quite open, and does not depend on you teaching a strict TBLT lesson. It will, however, require reflection on a teaching situation in which students are engaged in a meaning-focused activity for at least part of the time.

You can consider one of your own classes (whether face-to-face or online) or observe the class of a colleague. The reflection should be written soon after the event, or be based on a recording of what happened. You are not required to share this recording with us. You may consider a specific section of the lesson rather than the lesson as a whole.

The idea is to produce either a text of between 800-1000 words, or a video or audio clip of around 8 minutes in length, which (after a brief outline of the aims of the class and the profile of the students) reflects on the following aspects:

  • The extent to which the lesson met learners’ needs as you perceive them, and how you know;
  • The extent to which students were given opportunities to develop language and skills by using the language, and in which ways;
  • Which (if any) of Long’s methodological principles were applied, the procedures used, and how effective you think they were;
  • What, if anything, you would do differently if you taught the same lesson again (or if you taught the lesson of a colleague). Why would you implement these changes?

If you produce a video clip that’s too large to upload (maximum size is 128MB), please upload a document with a link to the file in the cloud, on YouTube, or similar.