Design a task-based pedagogic unit

For this Output task, for a target task relevant to the group or community chosen previously, you need to:

  1. Briefly describe the target task and group
  2. Outline a sequence of pedagogic tasks, including a main or exit task, to prepare learners for this
  3. Justify your sequence in terms of task complexity and other relevant factors
  4. Include a link to a piece of material designed to support any part of the sequence

You may recycle any relevant ideas you developed in the forum activites for this section of the course.

To complete this task, please use the proforma attached in the Materials tab, where you’ll find further instructions. There are additional guidelines in the proforma itself.

On submission, all tasks are automatically awarded full points, although they are “ungraded”. Participants aiming for full certification will have their tasks graded and commented on by a tutor, and points adjusted accordingly.

IMPORTANT: Either download the following Google doc as an MS Word document and work on it like that, OR make a personal copy of it (File > Make a copy) to work on it in Google docs, after which it can be downloaded and uploaded to complete the Output task. Please do not edit the original document directly.

Pedagogic unit pro-forma: click to open this Google Doc.