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English Skills Workshops for Professionals

Serveis Linguístics de Barcelona’s English skills workshops have been designed to be as practical as possible.These professional development sessions are aimed at business clients, organisations, and education providers.

[list][list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”66419A”]Learn new English language skills[/list_item][list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”66419A”]Develop your confidence in speaking English[/list_item][list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”66419A”]Refine your language for specific occasions[/list_item] [list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”66419A”]Learn in a collaborative way[/list_item][list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”66419A”]Help you and your team grow professionally[/list_item][/list]




Choose from our selection of workshop titles from below. The workshops table outlines the skills you will learn and practice, and all the important details. You will see that each of our English skills workshops focuses on a particular topic. Our experienced English language trainers are also on hand to develop a made-to-measure workshop just for you.

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Workshop title Skills focus Length of time Other information Cost
Title 1 Presentation English 3 hours (with break) Mini-description of workshop and requirements – for example – bring your own device €1
Title 2 Conference English – small talk and socialising 3 hours with break BYOB €0.50
Title 3 Writing skills – emails, presentations and etc 2 hours (no break) BYOB €12.30
Title 4 skillz X y and Z 4450 hours no break BYOB €1.20