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[spacer] This is a list of the cooperative Screencasts and How to guides – in one convenient and accessible place.

If you have a new guide or screencast, please add the URL to menu on Google Drive, and we will update the main page.
Please note: These guides are exclusive property of the cooperative and must not be shared with non-members, for any reason.

[section] [circle_feature title=”Documents” icon=”icon-book” size=”col-4″] [strong]Translation[/strong]

Getting started with Omega T – introduction

Group Projects in Omega T – project manager guide

Group Projects in Omega T – team member guide

[strong]Teacher Training[/strong]

How to Use Authentic Materials

[strong]Members’ Area Help [/strong]

How to use the SLB Library

How to use the SLB Members’ Forum

[strong]External Resources[/strong]

Online subscription list – paid for and free SLB subscriptions

Co-working Space Ranking (XLS)

[strong]SLB Policy[/strong]

How to charge for Occasional Courses and Translations (MSWord preview)

How to set your SLB email signature

Reglamento and Welcome Guide

[/circle_feature] [circle_feature title=”Screencasts” icon=”icon-group” size=”col-4″ last_column=”true”]How to: SLB Member forum

How to use your SLB Google Apps Account

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