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[h1]Translation Tips[/h1] [separator] [h2]Homepage Slider[/h2] This is the large sliding panel at the top of the page and is controlled by the [strong]Revolution Slider[/strong] section, near the bottom of the WordPress admin menu.

To make another language version, copy the current homepage slider:

Give it a new name to distinguish it from the english one then edit as you please – it’s completely separate so could have different content, images etc as well as translated text.

In the translated version of the homepage, select the translated slider:

[h2]Home menu item[/h2] This has no text, only an icon – it is set via a CSS class icon-home in the additional options for the Home menu item as follows:


Here is the code of an example:

And what it looks like in the site:

Note the following values:

  • title: The heading
  • description: The paragraph below. Note that putting HTML markup in here for formatting can cause the text not to display.
  • button_title: the label on the button
  • button_link: the URL to link to

Also note any short codes can also be inserted by clicking the heart icon in the visual interface, but you should keep styling consistent, like button colours for calls to action etc.